NCIN Conference – meeting our stakeholders

In early June I went to Belfast with around 20 colleagues to the National Cancer Intelligence Network Cancer Outcomes conference. This conference is one of the Evidence team’s most exciting events as it gives us the opportunity to talk to patients, researchers, clinicians, commissioners, allied cancer professionals, policy-makers and third sector organisations all in one go.

We exhibited many pieces of work at the conference, but a few highlights for me include the premier of our new short animated film on the use of data. It was great to see some of my complex job, where I use data and evidence to help understand and improve the cancer journey, boiled down into a three minute summary. However, if, like me, you enjoy the detail, more can be found about Routes from Diagnosis here, the England Local Cancer Intelligence tool here or the CREW study here.

A personal achievement at the conference was when I won second prize in the changing clinical practice/supporting commissioning/audit category for my 3,600 specialist adult cancer nurses: New evidence for workforce planning poster. Colleagues across Macmillan also won prizes in the survivorship/late effects of cancer and treatment poster category:

Yes, we did win all three prize places in this one category!

I was also proud to see Macmillan’s work at the conference in the media. We found almost 80,000 people in the UK were diagnosed before the age of 45 and are still living with one of the top four most common cancers. This was reported in five national newspapers, including three broadsheets and by Nursing in Practice. This story only represents one aspect of the data so I would recommend everyone explores the full data set.

In the Evidence team, we are all looking forward to the 2016 NCIN conference and would encourage anyone who loves data and could use information in their role to improve the lives of people affected by cancer to attend.

Author: Rachel White is an Information and Data Analyst in the Evidence team. She draws on internal and external sources to understand more about the numbers, needs and experiences of people affected by cancer.


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